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Estimation Type Original Estimation
Approved Estimation SR (P) to Sheesh Mahal Shalimar Bagh
Project Name SR (P) to Sheesh Mahal Shalimar Bagh
Region North Region
Circle Delhi Mini
Sub-Circle Kashmeri Gate Sub Circle
Monument 58. Sheesh Mahal Shalimar Garden, Village Haiderpur, North West Kashmeri Gate
Financial Year 2017-2018
Sub Head Of the Work Minor Work
Rate Analysis By ASI
Report Summary Dismantling Lakhori tile work in floors. Demolishing brick work in lime mortar by manually. Demolishing lime concrete manually. Dismantling old plaster or skirting raking out joints. Raking out joints lakhori wall. Provision for 10 cm cutting the undulated area. Scientific earth work in excavation very carefully. Earth work in excavation in hard soil in water tank. Providing & laying lime concrete. Providing & fixing lakhory brick apron. Providing & fixing lakhory brick masonry. Brick on edge flooring. Providing & fixing 50mm thick red sand stone.. Ruled / Flush pointing on Red sand stone flooring . Providing and fixing double scaffolding. Provision for 15 mm cement plaster. Provision for neat cement punning . Pointing the joints of on edge lakhori tile brick flooring. Provision for Re -Boring. Providing and fixing double panel M.S Gate 1.70 m length 1.95 height. Providing & fixing iron panel cover for well of 2.4 dia. Providing and fixing M.S. Sun - shade with fiber sheet. Applying paint on M.S gate. Applying paint on M.S grill with approved brand paint. Removal of malwa. Provision for chowkidar. Purchas & essential article . Provision Engagement of computer operator. Engagement of work supervisor for supervision. Provision Engagement of lime grinding operator. Provision for Drawing & documentation charges. Purchases sing of generator ISI mark. Provision for extra labour charges shifting the material.
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Estimate Framed By Anurag Sharma
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Estimated Cost 4,999,100
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Date of Visit 02-09-2017
Time 05:30
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Estimated Start Date 02-09-2017
Estimated End Date 02-09-2017
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