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Estimation Type Original Estimation
Approved Estimation Repair and Manitenance of Colonial Building B3 at Red Fort Delhi
Plan/Non-Plan New S.R Work
Project Name Repair and Manitenance of Colonial Building B3 at Red Fort Delhi
Region North Region
Circle Delhi
Sub-Circle Red Fort Sub Circle
Monument 3 Fortification Wall Asad Burj, Water gate, Delhi Gate, Lahori Gate, Jahangiri Gate, Chhattra Bazar, Baoli at Red Fort, Tis Hazari Dist. Central
Financial Year 2017-2017
Sub Head Of the Work Original Work
Rate Analysis By CPWD
Report Summary The estimate amounting to Rs. 1,39,12,000/- (Rupees One Crore Thirty Nine Lacs Twelve Thousand Only) has been framed to cover the cost of the provision embodied in the estimate for Conservation/Preventive Conservation of the Colonial Building B 3 at Red Fort, Delhi in connection with the hosting of Travelling Exhibition on Sardar Patel at Red Fort, Delhi. The provision embodied in the estimate are as per directive issued Joint Secretary, MOC requirements projected by the Director, National Science Centre, near Gate No 1, Pragati Maidan, Bhairon Road, New Delhi accordingly keeping in mind to hoist a exhibition in the building the provision for smoothness of wall by way of applying oil bound distempering over Plaster of Paris coating on wall surface. The provision for replacing the damaged and rotten wooden doors including Chowkhats has been made as per original pattern & designs. The provision for damaged, decayed wooden flooring as well as stair case has also been included in the estimate including painting, maintaining it original colour and design. Since the building does not have any provision for toilets, hence the provision for six toilets two each in each floor with the provision of the Septic Tank with modern fixtures & fittings. The walls & the floor will be provided with the tiles work. The exterior walls of the building will also be taken care by way of lime plastering, raised pointing, colour wash as per original colour of the building. The repair of outer damaged portion of the pathways and apron of Red sand stone has also been included in the estimate. The provision has been kept for water proofing treatment of the roof surface to ensure the leakage from the top. The lump-sum provision for disposal of building rubbish, dismantled or waste materials and the malba stacks lying at surrounding of the building has also been made in the estimate to improve the surrounding ambience. The provision for electricity has been made in anticipation to meet out the expected requirement as the drawings for the same has not been received as yet. The provision for purified water supply has also been provided, and to have uninterrupted power supply a lump-sum provision for Cont... providing and fixing Silent Generator Set/Inverters with complete fitting & fixing on DG S&D rate has also been included in the estimate. The provision for providing sign age’s which are to be placed at different location of the building as per approved design & pattern of the competent authority in lump-sum quantity has been included in the estimate. The rates of materials incorporated in the estimate are as per prevailing market rates and the labour rates applied are on the approved rates of the competent authority. The work will be executed as per CPWD specification and ASI’s Conservation Manual. The estimate has been framed on the basis of site instructions issued by the Superintending Archaeologist, Dy. SAE and ASAE Delhi Circle, Delhi.
Head Plan
Funded By 6919
Estimate Framed By Senior CA
Estimate Approved By SAE / Dy SAE
Estimate Checked By SAE
Estimated Cost 13,647,000
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Date of Visit 02-03-2017
Time 12:15
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Estimated Start Date 02-03-2017
Estimated End Date 02-03-2017
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