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Estimation Type Original Estimation
Approved Estimation Repair and Maintenance of C.A Office at Qutub 2016-17
Plan/Non-Plan On going building works
Project Name Repair and Maintenance of C.A Office at Qutub 2016-17
Region North Region
Circle Delhi
Sub-Circle Qutub Minar Sub Circle
Monument Anceint Mosque
Financial Year 2017-2017
Sub Head Of the Work Original Work
Rate Analysis By ASI
Report Summary State Delhi Division Delhi circle Branch Archaeology 2016 - 2017 Name of the work: -Repair and Maintenance of C.A Office at Qutub FUND Major Head Minor Head Detailed Head 22,05 BArts and Culture Original work Plan • Estimate framed by: - Sh. S.K. Dogra CA. • Of the probable cost of: - Rs. 393000.00 REPORT The estimate has been framed as per the instructions of SA ASI, and ASAE Delhi Circle New Delhi. The estimate has been frame on probable cost for repair and maintenance of C.A Office at Qutub. Provision has been made such asDismantling old plaster or skirting raking out joints and cleaning the surfacefor plaster including disposal of rubbish to the dumping ground within 50metres lead , Removing dry or oil bound distemper, water proofing cement paint andthe like by scrapping, sand papering and preparing the surface smooth, Repairs to plaster of thickness 12 mm to 20 mm in patches of area 2.5 sq. meters and under, including cutting the patch in proper shape, Providing and applying plaster of paris putty of 2 mm thickness over plastered surface to prepare the surface even and smooth complete, Wall painting with plastic emulsion paint of approved brand and manufacture to give an even shade :14.53.1 One or more coats on old work, Finishing walls with textured exterior paint of required shade Old work (One or more coats) applied @ 1.82 ltr/10 sqm, Providing and laying integral cement based water proofing treatment including preparation of surface as required for treatment of roofs, balconies, terraces etc consisting of following operations: a) Applying a slurry coat of neat cement using 2.75 kg/sqm of cement admixed with water proofing compound conforming to IS. 2645 and approved, Providing and Fixing 15 mm thick densifiedtegular edged ecofriendly lightweight calcium silicate false ceiling tiles of approved texture spin tone/cosmos / Hexa or equivalent of size 595 x 595 mm in true horizontal level, Providing and fixing wash basin with C.I. brackets, 15 mm C.P. brass pillar taps, 32 mm C.P. brass waste of standard pattern, including painting fittings and brackets, cutting and making good the walls wherever require: White Vitreous China Surgeon type wash basin of size 660x460mm with a pair of 15 mm C.P. brass pillar taps with elbow including operated levers including necessary repairs to scratches etc. articles ect. complete. Conservation Assistant.
Head Plan
Funded By 6919
Estimate Framed By Sh SK Dogra CA
Estimate Approved By Dy SAE
Estimate Checked By Sr CA
Estimated Cost 393,000
Inspection Performed By SA
Date of Visit 01-30-2017
Time 10:45
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Estimated Start Date 01-30-2017
Estimated End Date 01-30-2017
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Approval Status Pending