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Estimation Type Original Estimation
Approved Estimation SR(P) Repairs to Solapur for at Solapur Fort, Dist. Solapur(New)
Project Name SR(P) Repairs to Solapur for at Solapur Fort, Dist. Solapur(New)
Region West Region
Circle Mumbai
Sub-Circle Sion Fort,Sion(E)
Monument Old Fort Sholapur
Financial Year 2017-2018
Sub Head Of the Work Minor Work
Rate Analysis By ASI
Report Summary The Sholapur fort was built by Ali Adilshah in the year 1656,briefly occupied in 1668 by the Marathas and later passed to the Nizam. The fort is built on a slightly raised ground on the west bank of a lake known as the Siddheshwar Lake. It has an irregular oblong shape and was well fortified by a double row, ramparts and wall with 130m wide moat surrounding the fort on three sides. The main gate was called the Revni darwaja and had inner gates at right angles to it. Originally there were numerous buildings as well tanks and a temple of which only the temple and few stables survive. The accompanying estimate has been prepared basis on the guidelines of the Superintending Archaeologist, Archaeological Survey of India, Mumbai Circle Mumbai at the site of work. The estimate has been prepared keeping in view of the actual requirement of the monument mainly to reconstruction of fallen fort wall and battlements as well as cutting trees down the trees grown on the fortification wall, bastion, Rampart and moat area. The work has been provided in the current financial year under new work.& Hence the associated estimate has consists of following Item of Work. 1.Removal of thick Vegetation and small trees. Item No.1:- Provision for cutting down the trees grown on and around the fortification wall, bastion, rampart and moat area including removal of rank vegetation consisting of thorny bushes, removal of roots of trees penetrated in the structure by chiseling and applying tree killer to stop the further growth by climbing with rope ladder by skilled mazdoor up to a height of 8 to 10 Meter and disposing the stuff etc complete. 2.Restoration of fallen fort wall and battlements Item No.2A:- Provision for carefully removal of debris of fallen fortification wall and battlement is consisting with stone, earth, boulders and other foreign material as well as sorting out and disposing the unwanted material as well as sorting out and stacking useful stone for reuse and disposing the unwanted material up to a distance of100mtr. Including erecting and removal of appropriate scaffolding for execution of work etc complete Item No. 2B:- Earth work excavation for foundation in hard soil and boulders including removal of excavated materials and disposing them up to a distance of 100 mtr and preparing the bed for laying plain cement concrete for the foundation, curing etc complete. Item no2C:-Providing and laying plain cement concrete 1:3:6 with 20mm trap stone metal for foundation , obtained from approved quarry including carrying, mixing ,laying, compaction and Curing etc . Complete. Item No.2D:- Provision for providing of UCR masonry for foundation with available stone salvage from debris in un-slaked lime mortar 1:3 including carrying, lifting, placing in position and curing etc complete. Item No.2E:- Provision for reconstruction of fallen fortification wall (Veneering) as per original with new C.R. stone of size 0.40x0.30x0.25 mtr in un-slaked lime mortar 1:1:1 including necessary dressing of stone during execution, carrying, lifting, placing in position with the help of scaffolding and lifting equipments curing etc .complete. Item Item No.2F:-provision for core -filling the fortification wall as per original with original with new UCR stone salvaged from debris and some stones collection from For premises in un-slaked lime mortar 1:1:1 including carrying, lifting ,placing in position with the help of scaffolding and lifting equipment providing weep whole at regular intervals curing etc complete. Item No.2G:- Providing pointing to the fortification wall battlements in un-slaked lime mortar 1:1:1consolidation the admixture by adding jagery ,hirda fruit, dinka liquid water proof compound and portable water including racking out joints finishing suitable to give recess joints curing etc. complete 3.Filling the Rampart with earth and boulders Item No.3A:- Providing earth filling with available earth and boulders to maintain the level of rampart the material obtained from up to a lead of 50 mtr .including all lift laying layer of 20cm thickness braking clods watering and compaction with hand rammers etc complete. Item No.3B:- Provision for water tightening over the Rampart by using UCR stone masonry in lime Surkhi mortar 1:1:1 ,100mm thick lime Surkhi mortar including level to drain off the rain water etc complete(asper approved data) Item No. 4:-Provision for engaging casual labour for watch and ward duty during night for safety of materials etc . complete. Item No.5:-Provision for purchase of tools and plants required for execution of work Item No.6-Provision for drilling of Boar-well of 6” Diameter including casing pipe & electrical connection cast of submersible motor including all accessories etc. complete Item no.7:- provision for engaging taxi for gazetted officer for site visit during execution of work. Item No. 8:- Contingencies
Head Plan
Funded By Central_Govt
Estimate Framed By H. J. Dasare
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Estimated Cost 7,995,138
Inspection Performed By
Date of Visit 03-31-2017
Time 08:45
Inspection Summary S/R Plan to Solapur Fort, Dist.Solapur. The items proposed in the estimate includes restoration of the rampart wall, desilting of water tank, restoration of wooden gate, stone pitchingat outer fortification wall, removal of vegetation from the structure, restoration of damaged arch etc. The proposalhas been sgreed by POE.
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Estimated Start Date 03-31-2017
Estimated End Date 03-31-2017
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