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Estimation Type Original Estimation
Approved Estimation Test Project 20-03-2017
Plan/Non-Plan New S.R Work
Project Name Test Project 20-03-2017
Region North Region
Circle Delhi
Sub-Circle Qutub Minar Sub Circle
Monument Anceint Mosque
Financial Year 2017-2018
Sub Head Of the Work Original Work
Rate Analysis By ASI
Report Summary fsdf
Funded By
Estimate Framed By
Estimate Approved By
Estimate Checked By
Estimated Cost 20,000
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    Document not uploaded
Inspection Performed By
Date of Visit 03-20-2017
Time 10:30
Inspection Summary
Inspection upload document
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Completion Report
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Estimated Start Date 03-20-2017
Estimated End Date 03-20-2017
Completion Approved by
Actual Labor Cost
Tendering Misc Charges
Total Expenditure 200000
Approval Status Rejected