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Project Name Mw(p)restoration and veneering of damaged,cracked southern side fortification wall at Bathinda Fort Bathinda.
Financial year 2017-2018
RCP Amount 2,000,000
Plan/Non Plan
RCP provision for current year New Work
Region North Region
Circle Chandigarh
Sub Circle Bhatinda Sub Circle
Monument 1 Bhatinda Fort, Bhatinda
Item to be executed 1.Taking out loose, decayed out of plumb brick masonry carefully(approx-700cum) 2. Taking out old,broken terracing of flat brick masonry very-very carefully(approx-1800sqm) 3. Provision for removal of decayed, disintegrated old lime concrete(approx-200cum) 4. Providing 2nd class brick masonry work at inside portion of fortification wall(approx-400cum) 5. Providing first class modern brick masonry work in lime surkhi mortar in the(approx-300cum) 6. Providing lakhauri and tile brick masonry work in the ratio of 1:1:1 (approx-200cum) 7. Provision for laying of lime concrete with brick aggregate of 25mm nominal(approx-200cum) 8. Provision for flat tile brick terracing /flooring in composite mortar 1:1:1(approx-1800sqm) 9. Pointing of tile brick masonry in composite mortar 1:1:1(1lime,1surkhi,1sand) (approx-2000sqm) 10.Provision for disposal of malba by mechanical transport(approx-600cum) 11.Provision for scaffolding during execution of work for the fortification wall of Bathinda(30set) 12.Provision for photography and documentation during the execution of work (l.s.) 13.provision for brick masonry work in super ficial arches corners and chajjas in the ratio of 1:1:1 1lime 1surkhi,1sand. ( Approx50cum)
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