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S.NEstimate NameRegionCircleSub CircleEstimated AmountStatusPost Date
1SR(P) to Channakeshava Temple, NagalapuraSouth RegionBangaloreChitradurga32,54,326.00Circle level Engineer/ ASAE25-06-2017
2SR(P) to Hill, Fort and Ruined Palace, Uchchangidurga (Repairs to Fort wall), Davangere South RegionBangaloreDavangere83,02,870.00Circle level Engineer/ ASAE25-06-2017
3SR(P) to Fort, Channagiri,Davangere South RegionBangaloreChitradurga46,50,000.00Circle level Engineer/ ASAE25-06-2017
4OW (P) to Upgradation of Toolshed Building at SithannavasalSouth RegionChennaiTrichy11,50,000.00Circle level Engineer/ ASAE24-06-2017
5OW (NP) to Maintenance of Visitors Toilet Block at kodumbalurSouth RegionChennaiTrichy5,27,000.00Circle level Engineer/ ASAE24-06-2017
6OW (NP) to Maintenance of Visitors Toilet Block at Sithannavasal South RegionChennaiTrichy5,64,000.00Circle level Engineer/ ASAE24-06-2017
7Annual maintenance and up keeping of Siva temple at Ariyur 2017-18South RegionChennaiTrichy14,73,000.00Circle level Engineer/ ASAE24-06-2017
8SR(P) to Rock cut temple and Sculptures at SiymangalamSouth RegionChennaiGingee90,00,000.00Circle level Engineer/ ASAE24-06-2017
9SR(P) to Sri. Dharmeswara Temple, ManimangalamSouth RegionChennaiChennai40,00,000.00Circle level Engineer/ ASAE23-06-2017
10SR(P) to Chennarayaperumal Temple, AdamancottahSouth RegionChennaiSalem79,00,000.00Circle level Engineer/ ASAE22-06-2017
11SR(P) to Chennarayaperumal Temple, AdiyamankottaiSouth RegionChennaiSalem0.00Circle level Engineer/ ASAE22-06-2017
12CDW for Transplantation of Sri Chennakesava swamy temple velluturu II under pulichintala project suryapet district under Lepakshi monument Anantapur(Hyderabad circle)South RegionHyderabadAnantapuramu1,32,50,000.00Circle level Engineer/ ASAE22-06-2017
13 OW(P) to maintenance of toilet block at AiholeSouth RegionDharwadAihole8,23,000.00Circle level Engineer/ ASAE22-06-2017
14 OW(P) to Maintenance of office building & dept. Guest house at Aihole South RegionDharwadAihole13,59,930.00Circle level Engineer/ ASAE22-06-2017
15Maintenance of Visitors Toilet Block at Narasamangalam, KanchipuramSouth RegionChennaiKanchipuram1,70,000.00Circle level Engineer/ ASAE21-06-2017
16Annual maintenance & upkeeping of Jvaraharesvara TempleSouth RegionChennaiKanchipuram4,50,000.00Circle level Engineer/ ASAE21-06-2017
17OW Repairs and up gradation of the existing gents toilets in Sri Veerabadra swamy temple Anantapur.South RegionHyderabadAnantapuramu5,56,000.00Circle level Engineer/Dy.SAE20-06-2017
18MW (NP) to Banashankaridevi and Sankarlinga temple Temple at Amargol, Dist: Dharwad.South RegionDharwadHubli15,36,000.00 Regional level/S A E20-06-2017
19OW(P) to up-gradation of officers chamber and various sections at Clive's Building, Chennai Circle Office, ChennaiSouth RegionChennaiChennai3,70,000.00Circle level Engineer/ ASAE20-06-2017
20Maintenance of Monument Attendant Quarters, Nattery, KanchipuramSouth RegionChennaiKanchipuram3,00,000.00Circle level Engineer/ ASAE20-06-2017