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S.NEstimate NameRegionCircleSub CircleEstimated AmountStatusPost Date
1Maintenance & upkeep the monument of Fort Walls, Nani Daman.West RegionVadodaraDaman2,06,900.00Circle level Engineer/ ASAE26-06-2017
2Maintenance & upkeep of monument of Old Dutch & Armenian Tombs & Cemetries.West RegionVadodaraDaman4,79,000.00Circle level Engineer/ ASAE26-06-2017
3S/R(P) to Plastering of Fort Wall, Moti Daman.West RegionVadodaraDaman57,15,700.00 Regional level/S A E26-06-2017
4S/R to Jami Masjid, MangrolWest RegionVadodaraJunagadh1,14,60,815.00Circle level Engineer/ ASAE26-06-2017
5Rep. to Jami Masjid, MangrolWest RegionVadodaraJunagadh1,14,60,815.00Circle level Engineer/ ASAE26-06-2017
6SRs(P) to conservation and restoration of Farihabagh palace at Ahmednagar.West RegionAurangabadAhmednagar Sub Circle34,21,000.00Circle level Engineer/ ASAE25-06-2017
7SRs(P) Repairs to Devi temple at Dighi , District Jalgaon.West RegionAurangabadAjanta Caves Sub Circle70,00,800.00Circle level Engineer/ ASAE25-06-2017
8S.R. To Restoration of Torana at Vadnagar, Dist. - Mehsana under M.W. (Plan) for the Year 2017 - 18West RegionVadodaraPatan34,70,000.00Circle level Engineer/Dy.SAE25-06-2017
9SRs(P) to Construction of structure for sanitization of visitors baggage scanning & cloak room facility at Ajnata caves Dist. Aurangabad. West RegionAurangabadAjanta Caves Sub Circle1,34,98,000.00Circle level Engineer/ ASAE25-06-2017
10S.R. To Tomb of Sikandarshah at Prantij, District Himmatnagar under M.W. (Plan) for the Year 2017 - 18West RegionVadodaraPatan71,53,230.00 Regional level/S A E25-06-2017
11Maintenance & upkeep of monument of Bhau Tambekarwada Haveli, Vadodara.West RegionVadodaraVadodara5,78,000.00 Regional level/S A E24-06-2017
12SR (P) to DIU FORT at DIUWest RegionVadodaraDiu78,66,500.00Directorate level H.Q./S A E24-06-2017
13S.R.(P) to Providing Tetra pods below the small light house at diu Fort at Diu under MW (P) for the year 2017-18West RegionVadodaraDiu78,66,500.00 Regional level/S A E24-06-2017
14House where Mahatma Gandhi was Born at Porbandar.West RegionVadodaraJunagadh18,22,994.00Circle level Engineer/Dy.SAE23-06-2017
15SR (P) to Step Well, Borsad, District Vadodara.West RegionVadodaraVadodara24,20,800.00 Regional level/S A E23-06-2017
16 MW Conservation of Kanheri Caves at Borivali, Mumbai.West RegionMumbaiMumbai Monuments49,90,300.00Circle level Engineer/ ASAE22-06-2017
17 OW (P) to Laying of the Entrance Pathway of Circle Office at Sion Fort, Sion, Mumbai.West RegionMumbaiMumbai Monuments35,13,655.00Circle level Engineer/ ASAE20-06-2017
18M.W ~ Providing tile Brick Approch pathway to the temple and store & Gard Room, Ancient Site and Remains at Nagri, Distt. Chittorgarh.West RegionJodhpurChittaurgarh39,00,000.00Circle level Engineer/Dy.SAE16-06-2017
19M.W ~ Mahanal temple & Math- Construction of Masonry Pedestal for loose Architectural Fragments & fixing M.S. Railing on water fall area at Menal, District- Chittaurgarh (Rajasthan)West RegionJodhpurChittaurgarh45,97,000.00Circle level Engineer/Dy.SAE16-06-2017
20M.W~ Providing and Relaying Damaged approach flag stone pathway in Kumbha Palace complex at Chittorgarh fort, District Chittaurgarh (Rajasthan)West RegionJodhpurChittaurgarh23,37,600.00Circle level Engineer/Dy.SAE16-06-2017