Approved Estimate Listing

Print Record
S.NRCP NameRegionCircleSub CircleEstimated AmountStatusPost Date
1S R (P) to Excavated Site at Kayavarohan under MW (P) for 2017-18West RegionVadodaraVadodara13,08,100.00Approved26-06-2017
2SR (P) to Opening of tunnels and repairs to moat of Fort wall, Moti DamanWest RegionVadodaraDaman23,65,300.00Approved26-06-2017
3SRs to House where Mahatma Gandhi was Born at Porbandar.West RegionVadodaraJunagadh18,22,990.00Approved26-06-2017
4SR (P) to Step Well, Borsad, District Vadodara.West RegionVadodaraVadodara24,20,800.00Approved26-06-2017
5Annuam Maintenance & upkeep to Dada Harir;Step Well, AsarvaWest RegionVadodaraAhmedabad9,05,600.00Approved24-06-2017
6Maintenance & upkeep of monument of Gateway of Torana.West RegionVadodaraVadodara2,54,000.00Approved24-06-2017
7Annual Maintenance & upkeep of monument of Sun Temple, ModheraWest RegionVadodaraPatan6,65,600.00Approved24-06-2017
8Maintenance & upkeep of monument of Qutubuddin Mohmed Khan's Tomb (Hazira), VadodaraWest RegionVadodaraVadodara4,83,010.00Approved24-06-2017
9Annual Maintenance & Upkeep to Rudabai Step Well at Adalaj.West RegionVadodaraAhmedabad15,78,000.00Approved24-06-2017
10Annual Maintenance & upkeep the monument of Buddhist Caves, Junagadh.West RegionVadodaraJunagadh5,97,000.00Approved24-06-2017
11Annual Maintenance & upkeep of monument of Bhau Tambekarwada Haveli, Vadodara.West RegionVadodaraVadodara7,28,600.00Approved24-06-2017
12Maintenance & upkeep of monument of Hira gate, Dabhoi.West RegionVadodaraVadodara4,72,400.00Approved24-06-2017
13Maintenance & upkeep the monument of Buddhist Caves, Junagadh.West RegionVadodaraJunagadh5,97,000.00Approved24-06-2017
14Maintenance & upkeep of monument of Step Well, BorsadWest RegionVadodaraVadodara1,34,200.00Approved24-06-2017
15Maintenance & upkeep of monument of Jami Masjid, BharuchWest RegionVadodaraVadodara1,25,800.00Approved24-06-2017
16Maintenance & upkeep of monument of Gate no 6 Buland Darwaja at Pavagadh West RegionVadodaraPavagadh1,66,300.00Approved23-06-2017
17Maintenance & upkeep of monument of Ranchoderai temple at MoolDwarkaWest RegionVadodaraDiu1,26,000.00Approved23-06-2017
18Maint & upkeep of Shakarkhan Tomb, PavagadhWest RegionVadodaraPavagadh1,64,100.00Approved20-06-2017
19Maint & upkeep of Kamani Masjid at Pavagadh.West RegionVadodaraPavagadh1,66,800.00Approved20-06-2017
20Maint & upkeep of Gate No 7 Makai Gate At Hill Pavagadh Dist Godhra.West RegionVadodaraPavagadh1,68,110.00Approved20-06-2017