Approved Estimate Listing

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S.NRCP NameRegionCircleSub CircleEstimated AmountStatusPost Date
1SR to Cleaning & Levelling of Ancient Shiva Temple at Kehekpata, LohardagaEast RegionRanchiRanchi Sub Circle2,35,707.00Approved23-06-2017
2OW to Providing Furniture, Painting etc. at Sub-circle Office, Harmu, Dist.: RanchiEast RegionRanchiRanchi Sub Circle5,37,233.00Approved22-06-2017
3SR to M.S Grill fencing in an around the Garden Area at Jami Mosque, Hadaf, Dist.: SahibganjEast RegionRanchiRanchi Sub Circle10,85,473.00Approved22-06-2017
4SR(P) to 26 Shiva temple, Khardah, 24 Pgs(N)East RegionKolkataKolkata11,37,922.00Approved15-06-2017
5OW(P) to construction of guard wall in Saileswar templeEast RegionKolkataBishnupur6,99,259.00Approved15-06-2017
6AR to Rajarani Temple, Bhubaneswar (2017-18)East RegionBhubaneswarBhubaneswar3,94,000.00Approved15-06-2017
7AR to Shree Lingaraja Temple with All the Minor Temples in the Compound at Bhubaneswar (2017-18)East RegionBhubaneswarBhubaneswar4,99,000.00Approved15-06-2017
8A.R. to Alexzender Csoma De-Kores at Darjeeling, West Bengal.East RegionKolkataGeyzing80,175.00Approved12-06-2017 General Lloyd at Darjeeling, West Bengal.East RegionKolkataGeyzing80,036.00Approved12-06-2017
10S.R. (Plan) to Tomb of Alivardi Khan & the tomb of Siraj-ud-daulah at Khosh Bag, Murshidabad.East RegionKolkataMurshidabad10,46,192.00Approved10-06-2017
11S/R (P) to Sri Sri Ganesh Temple at Hajo, Assam (2016-17)East RegionGuwahatiGuwahati Sub circle13,51,015.00Approved09-06-2017
12S/R (P) to Sivadol at Sivasagar (2017-18)East RegionGuwahatiSivasagar, Assam10,41,463.00Approved09-06-2017
13SR(P) to Metcalfe Hall, KolkataEast RegionKolkataKolkata10,57,002.00Approved09-06-2017
14S/R (P) to U Maw-Thadur-Briew at Nartiang, Jaintia Hills (2016-17)East RegionGuwahatiGuwahati Sub circle16,82,900.00Approved09-06-2017
15S/R (P) to Idgah at Rangamati Hill, Dhubri, Assam (2016-17)East RegionGuwahatiGuwahati Sub circle14,57,168.00Approved08-06-2017
16S/R (P) to Megalithic Bridge known as Thulu-Um-Wi, near Maput between Jawai & Jarain, Dist.- Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya (2016-17)East RegionGuwahatiGuwahati Sub circle10,36,328.00Approved08-06-2017
17AR to Paschima Somanatha, Bhubanesvara and Kapilesvara temples at Boudh, Dist.: BoudhEast RegionBhubaneswarDhenkanal2,08,525.00Approved08-06-2017
18AR to Chandrasekhara Jew Temple & Group of Monuments and Ancient Steps at Kapilas, Dist.: DhenkanalEast RegionBhubaneswarDhenkanal4,76,582.00Approved07-06-2017
19AR to Sahasralinga Tank at Bhubaneswar (2017-18)East RegionBhubaneswarBhubaneswar4,92,717.00Approved07-06-2017
20AR to Temples of Nila-Madhava and Siddhesvara at Gandhradi, Dist.: BoudhEast RegionBhubaneswarDhenkanal3,24,528.00Approved06-06-2017